You’ve Got Time – an Orange is the New Black Podcast: Episode 10


One of our favorites gets released from prison, but ends up with a whole host of new issues. We discuss the siren song of easy money, recidivism, and more on our latest Orange is the New Black podcast.

Aleida (Elizabeth Rodriguez) gets out of Litchfield just in time, but things aren’t perfect. Upon her release, she gets no support from any services and is left to fend on her own. This is an ugly reality that faces so many people getting released from prison, and we applaud Elizabeth Rodriguez for conveying the quiet desperation of Aleida’s situation with such humanity.

Veronique Hoebeke from Resources to Recover joins us on our Orange is the New Black podcast this week to discuss the very real issues that face individuals who have served their time and are returning to their communities. We also chat about mental health, the dynamics of power, and whether or not The Wiz is really the worst.

Recommended Reading For This Week’s Episode: Veronique and I both come from mental health backgrounds, so we reference a famous psych experiment which we refer to as “the Zimbardo study” throughout this episode. The Zimbardo study – sometimes referred to as the Stamford prison experiment – is directly relevant to Orange is the New Black as it illustrates what power dynamics can do to individuals who start out as complete equals. You can check out an interesting breakdown of the study here, or hop over to Wikipedia for the cliff notes here.

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