You’ve Got Time – an Orange is the New Black Podcast: Episode 5

Guys, we know Piscatella is totally awful. But what if he’s kind of right? OITNB mega fans Karla and Chan join Erin on the podcast this week to discuss Piscatella, periods, prison, and more things that may or may not start with the letter ‘P’.

Recommended reading for this episode: Shane Bauer’s recent investigative piece in Mother Jones entitled “My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard.” Check it out here or bop over to our pages on Facebook and Twitter for the link.

In addition, check out a supplementary article on free feminine hygiene product legislation passed in New York here.

Listen to the episode below or follow us on iTunes or Stitcher for the latest episodes.

Recommended listening for next week: Planet Money’s stellar podcast on the opiate epidemic in America. We’ll be discussing this at length next week and encourage you to send questions in to us before we record the episode on Monday, July 25th. Listen here. You’ve totally got eighteen minutes this week, right?

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